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Carlos Pinillos

Classical Dance Technique –  Advanced | Classic Repertoire / Pas de Deux – Advanced

Carlos Pinillos was born in Madrid.He studied in Victor Ullate’s School from 1984 to 1994. He also worked with several Ballet Masters such as Aurora Bosch, Jose Pares, Lazaro Carreño, Attilio Labis, Alain Baldini, Carmina Ocaña, Irena Milóvan, Karemia Moreno, Menia Martinez, Lola de Avila, William Burmann, Hanneker Berlangue e Lupe Serrano.

In 1998, Carlos won 1st Prize of the International Competition in Viena, Austria. We were recently awarded with the Prize Positano/Léonide Massine for Dancer of the Year in the International Scene 2016.

He had his debut as professional dancer with the Ballet of Victor Ullate in 1995, being promoted to Principal Dancer in 2000. One year after, he joins the National Ballet of Portugal, also as Principal Dancer.

For Carlos, his work with Ullate’s company was a factor of great importance in his career, it brought him a clean technique and mature artistic sensibility. There he had the opportunity not only to work with Ullate but also with Hans van Manen and Micha van Moeke, three names that are relevant to his development as an artist.

In 2001, he danced a ballet created for Mikhail Barishnikov by Kevin O’Day, “A Cloud in Trousers”.

His repertoire includes the main roles in “Les Sylphides” (M. Fokine), “Giselle”, “D. Quixote” (Petipa/Ullate), “Les Flames de Paris”, “ Diana & Actéon”, “Paquita”, “The Nutcracker”, “The Lady of Camelia” and “Swan Lake” (Mehmet Balkan), “Swan Lake” (F. Duarte), “Romeo & Juliet pas de deux” (Ullate), “Romeo & Juliet” (Cranko), “Sleeping Beauty”, “La Bayadère”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (H.Spöerli), “The Firebird” (Uwe Scolz), “The Firebird” (F. Duarte), among other pieces.

From Balanchine he danced the main roles in “Allegro Brillante”, “Theme and Variations”, “Apollo”, “Who Cares” and “Serenade”.

He danced “Arrayan Daraxa”, “Arraigo”, “Jaleos” and “El Amor Brujo” from Ullate, such as the entire repertoire the company had at that time.

“In the Future”, “In and Out”, “Grösse Fugue”, “Hammerklavier”, “Solo”, “5 Tangos”, “Kammerballet” and “Sarcasms” are his Hans van Manen repertoire.

Carlos also danced “Saeta” and “Le Boeuf sur le Toite” (Micha van Hoeke), “Before Night Fall” (Niels Christie), “Troy Game” and “Entre dos Aguas” (Robert North), “Fire Bird” (Uwe Scholz) and “Without Words” (Nacho Duato).

Anna Kisselgoff, from the newspaper “The New York Times”, once wrote about Carlos referring to him as “an interesting mix of pure technique and strong contact with the audience”.

Emma Manning:

“Carlos Pinillos is perfectly casted in the impish Puck. He captures the mischief of the character with total conviction as he dazzles us with his sparkling virtuosity; he turns brilliantly, winding down his multiple pirouettes with immaculate control. To boot, he has great feet and he uses them. In comparison with two pucks seen this season at Covent Garden, his was the best polished.”

 Filipa Castro

Classical Dance Technique – Intermediate | Classic Repertoire / Pas de Deux – Advanced

Filipa de Castro was born in Lisbon. She trained at the National Conservatory of Lisbon until she joined the National Ballet of Portugal.

From 2001 to 2003, she danced with the Royal Ballet of Flandres under the direction of Robert Denvers. In 2003, she decided to come back to Portugal where she now stands as Principal Dancer.

Filipa danced the leading roles in “Giselle”, “D. Quijote”, “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”, “La Bayadère”, “Coppélia”, “Romeo and Juliet” (J. Cranko), “The Nutcracker”, “The Firebird”, “Paquita” and “The Rite of Spring” (V. Nijinsky).

Her repertoire also includes main roles in “Apollo”, “Agon”, “Who Cares?” and “Serenade” from G. Balanchine, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from H. Spöerli and several ballets from W. Forsythe, N. Duato, J. Kylian, H. Van Manen, M. Bigonzetti, V. Ullate, J. Arqués, C. Pinillos, N. Fonte, C. D’Amboise, M. Wainrot, Caetano Soto, Olga Roriz, O. Naharin and Anne Theresa De Keersmaker.

She created main roles in most of the creations from the choreographers that worked with the National Ballet of Portugal.

Very recently, she was the recipiente of the Positano / Léonide Massine Award for Dancer of the Year on the International Scene, 2016.

She was awarded with the prize “Revelation Ballerina” in 2005, in Portugal.

Canada, USA, Germany, England, France, Spain, Russia, Scotland, Brasil, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Mozambique, are some of the countries where Filipa performed as guest artist or in International Ballet Galas, with her partner Carlos Pinillos.

 Miguel Ramalho

Contemporary Dance Technique – Advanced | Choreographic Workshop – Advanced

Miguel started his studies in Escola de dança do conservatório nacional in Lisbon where he finished his formation after 8 years.

He started in Companhia Portuguesa de bailado contemporâneo Under the direction of Vasco wellenkamp right after where he stayed 3 years.

He joins later on, Companhia Nacional de Bailado where he still remains today and where he danced the whole repertoire of company both Classical and contemporary.

In 2012 wins the prize for best dancer of the year for the media and later on becomes the first dancer of the company to make a residence in Africa to create a solo called “portrait series – Imiguel” from the artist of the city of 2015 in Lisbon, Faustin Linyiekula.

Vasco Macide


Born in Lisbon in 1963, he did is dance studies at the National Conservatoire Dance School and took parallel studies in photography and cinema at António Arroio School.

He proceed is studies at the Benesh Institute of Coreology, in London and worked in several dance companies in Portugal and abroad as a dancer and choreographer.

He teaches at the National Conservatoire Dance School, at the Escola Técnica Profissional de Bailado, from the National Ballet, at Balleteatro School, Academia de Bailado de Guimarães, among others, and he was a gest teacher at Escola Superior de Dança and Acadenia de Dança de Setúbal.

He belonged to the team that developed and implemented the Dance Department of the Conservatoire of Coimbra where he teaches.

Since 1996 he started to develop is work also in the fields of cultural programing, production, management and consulting advisor, where he worked as a programing director at Balleteatro Auditório (Porto), programing consultant at Teatro Viriato (Viseu), artistic director and programmer at Oficina (Guimarães) and Direcção Geral das Artes. He worker in Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture, where he was responsible for the dance and contemporary circus program.

He worked also as a production and diffusion responsible for the Portuguese choreographers Paulo Ribeiro and Olga Roriz.

He was president of the Portuguese Cultural Programmers Association, as well as member and funder of several national and international associations for the networking and development of cultural programming, like Sem Rede and IRIS.

He has been gest teacher for several seminars in Movement Analysis and Methodologies, Cultural Programing, Management and Production, in several Portuguese Schools and institutions.

Since 2006 he started do develop is won method of movement – Bobby Fullness.

Also since that date he is a consultant in artistic management, developing actively new projects in the fields of creation and artistic teaching.

He is regularly invited to be part of the college of experts who access the artistic projects who apply for state grants.

 Yonel Castilla Serrano

Contemporary Dance Technique – Intermediate

Yonel Castilla Serrano was born in 1975, lives and works in Portugal, the Netherlands and Cuba/Havana. Held performances nationally and internationally, as a member of one of the largest contemporary dance companies, Havana, Cuba. Choreographer and dancer with the company of “Combinatorial Dansa” having had presentations and collaboration with Director Rosario Cardenas. Dancer with Dance Theater Company of Cuba “Retazos”, with more than 50 presentations at national and international level, in dance festival Callejero; Dancer in the project, with United Company C, “Apology” in the Netherlands and still a dancer in the company Trash, in the Dansdag in Mastrich; has been a guest teacher at the school of contemporary arts “Artez Dansschol. He was choreographer and dancer of the show “Illegal”, with the collaboration of the Institute of contemporary art “Witte de Wit”, Rotterdam; In Portugal – Lisbon, dancer in the project, with the company of Olga Roriz “Rite of spring”. As dancer and choreographer uses a mixture of dance technique/contemporary theatre, Cuban culture influence, Brazilian capoeira and Asian techniques of movement in relation to the mind (Qigong, Tai Chi and Aikido). This blend of techniques, in combination with the years of professional work covering all age levels, produced a very specific form of work in conjunction with the dance; giving the technique in a way different from the known for the way it’s performed, and contact improvisation.

João Cabaça


João Cabaça, also known as Bboy Sissone, he started his dance studies at Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional and graduated at Escola Superior de Dança. In the Hip Hop world, represents Zulu Nation Portugal, and his the director of Funky Flex Crew. Regularly competes at national and worldwide competitions. Known also for using ballet or contemporary technic in his Hip Hop language.

Class description:

In this classes, physical and technical methods are always present, as well as coordination and physical memory. The Hip Hop styles that ar going to be developed are Locking, Popping , Bboying (Break Dance) and others.

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